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We take pride in bringing the freshness of south-asian cusine all the way to your table with as less effort and time as it takes to heat a meal. Our motto is to enhance your food experiance when you order and taste from our exclusively designed menu at the comfort of your home.

Chicken Korma

Our Menu Options


Our 400g curry is ideal for two to share. Why not add rice or naan to make complete meal?


Not only are all these suitable for vegetarians, they also make excellent sides for all.


You can treat yourself to an authentic tasting, full flavored take away, whenever the mood takes you.


Our 400g curry is ideal for two to share. Why not add rice or naan to make complete meal?


Fill your Freezer with our authentic tasting rice dishes guaranteed to satisfy you. With a selection of flavorsome dishes, from chicken biryani to pilau rice – a traditional favorite.


Our tandoori naans will make your curries tastier and our range of delicious chutneys will dd up more flavor to your meals.


Slow cooked lamb with potatoes in freshly ground spices to make a rich flavourful gravy with onions and tomatoes

A light fragrant chicken and spinach curry cooked with a combination of fresh spices with pilau rice.

A light fragrant chicken and spinach curry cooked with a combination of fresh spices.

Slow cooked tender pieces of lamb seasoned with an authentic mix of spices in a rich gravy, fairly hot.


Flame grilled chicken tikka boti cooked traditionally over hot coals with a delicious blend of fresh herbs and authentic spices.

Aromatic basmati rice cooked with a delicious blend of whole spices.

Basmati Rice with colourful natural food colouring.

Classic, fresh leavened bread baked in our piping hot tandoor oven.

About Us
Our Culinary Journey

From South Asia to Your Plate

Welcome to our world of frozen South Asian cuisine, where every meal tells a story of tradition, flavor, and innovation. Our culinary journey began with a deep appreciation for the rich and diverse culinary heritage of South Asia, a region renowned for its vibrant spices, aromatic herbs, and exquisite dishes that have delighted palates for centuries.

A Legacy of Flavor

South Asian cuisine is as diverse as the people and cultures it represents. From the spicy curries to the fragrant dishes such as the rice dish called ‘biryani’, our wide variety of vegetarian dishes and our exotic chutneys, our culinary traditions are a reflection of our history and our passion for good food. We believe that every dish has a story to tell, and we are here to share those stories with you.

Traditional Recipes, Modern Convenience

At The Orange Co., we are committed to preserving the authenticity of South Asian cuisine while making it accessible to the world. Our journey began with a mission to bring the flavors of South Asia to your table, no matter where you are. We work closely with expert chefs and culinary artisans to source the finest ingredients and craft recipes that stay true to tradition, ensuring each frozen meal is a culinary masterpiece.

Quality and Purity

We take great pride in the quality and purity of our ingredients. From handpicked spices to locally sourced produce, we are dedicated to using the best that South Asia has to offer. Our commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing practices ensures that our meals not only taste incredible but are also good for the planet.

Join Us on This Culinary Adventure

We invite you to embark on this culinary adventure with us. Explore our range of frozen South Asian delights, each packed with the love and care that goes into making every South Asian meal special. As you savor each bite, remember that you’re not just eating a meal; you’re experiencing a piece of South Asia’s rich culinary history.

Thank you for choosing The Orange Co., to be a part of your culinary journey. We are excited to be your trusted companion on this delicious path, and we can’t wait to share more stories through the flavors of South Asia.

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"Best home microwave dinners I’ve had!! Tastes like it’s straight from a restaurant kitchen. Very happy."
"The meat in the curries is beautiful, nothing like a regular ready meal. Superb…..!"
"The lamb nihari is the best I’ve ever had"
"Best keema I’ve ever tasted"